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Global Gas Logistic Solutions Limited was formed on 20 August 2018 as a result of the work on clean fuels started in the 1960’s by Maltin Engineering Ltd., then Maltin Pollution Controls (1967) Ltd., continued by GoByGas Ltd., Biomethane Ltd., and the other Organic Power Holdings Ltd., companies with an industry proven track record of some 50 years developing clean fuels and vehicles for transport including completing pioneering work on lead free fuel systems for high performance engines, culminating in the complete ban on leaded petrol in Europe and then world wide.

This highly successful work led to an interest in the production of biomethane gas for use as a ‘clean’ fuel for vehicles, and hence to research into the anaerobic processing of organic materials to use these as renewable sources to produce energy and useful materials. The findings from a comprehensive world wide study led to Organic Power developing the low energy tank design on which the Maltin® System is based and on which patents have been granted in 87 countries.